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The SlimConnect interface project offers a easy to use Java interface to the Squeezebox server by slimdevices.com. The Squeezebox is the latest version of the Slimdevices audio player while Squeezebox does everything SLIMP3 did, it also does a lot more. The SlimConnect project works for both.

SlimConnect enables you to put text on your display, get the current play List, search for an artist, play some songs and many more.
The SlimConnect project is available at SourceForge and is firmly tested, feel free to play around.

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Installing / Using SlimConnect

  • Download and install a Java environment (1.4 and above) see http://java.sun.com
  • Get a development environment up and running, in example www.eclipse.org
  • Download the binary or source distribution of SlimConnect at SourceForge
  • Add the SlimConnect project as project library
  • Take a quick look at the Java API documentation of SlimConnect.
  • Start writing a cool program (sorry this is the part you have to do yourselves) or extend an existing application with the SlimConnect project
  • Have fun!

Mailing list
A mailing list for general discussion about SlimConnect is hosted at SourceForge. You can join the mailing list here.

If you’re developer and would like to join or contribute to the SlimConnect project, take a look In the developers section.
Any suggestions, patches etc can be mailed to
use image to mail or follow link and use web form

Join the Club
If you’re inspired by all of this and would like to help taking SlimConnect to the next level, by contributing with the interface of the demo GUI or you’ve got other great idea’s just send me an email and Join the Club!
If you’ve built something with SlimConnect and want to share your experience please just mail, I like to hear those stories

Make a donation
If you like our work and want to financially support, feel free to do so ;)
We'll spend the money on slimdevices products to keep the project up to date with the latest version.
Just follow the link below.


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